PPU Protection


  • Javascript
  • CSS3
  • LESS
  • HTML5
  • WordPress


The task was to implement a website for a company which provides house insulation services in Ukraine. The site needed to contain 3 main categories: Explanations of how the technology works, Areas of usage and a showcase.
After interviewing the client we designed a logo and site designs. For the main page we used a background video showing the process of materials being applied. 
We started by building the custom theme based on WordPress. Once finished for the desktop screens, we optimized the site for smaller screens, down to iPhone 4’s. After the content was added, we compressed all CSS assets and images making the site load speed very quick.

We continued on working on company’s media presence by creating a Facebook group. We added a button for quick contact from the website directly to company’s Facebook profile. Thus, the site users are able to write their questions on the website, their questions are immediately sent to site manager’s Messenger.

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